Thursday, 22 January 2009

Twenty favourite Bulgarian songs

A couple of days ago I was asked to name some good Bulgarian songs, thus I decided to post here some of my favourite. I admit that I am far from being a fan of my country's music, but there are songs that even I like. Don't worry if you don't understand a single word, most carry their message beyond the border of any language. Have in mind that these are just some of the songs I like and I have chosen only one song by each artist in the list!

Elica Todorova and Stoian Iankulov - Voda (Water)

Doni & Momchil - Umoreni krila (Tired wings)

Svetla Ivanova - Obicham te dotuk (I love you to this very point)

Antibiotika / Mail To India

Toni - Vsichko bilo e na syn (Everything was a dream)

Nina Nikolina - Ti (You)

Atlas - Esenni cvetia (Autumn flowers)

Vanya Shtereva - Shte te kupia (I'll buy you)

Bulgaro - Dui chaves

Irina Florin - Cviat lilav (Purple colour)

KariZma - Mr. Killer

Maria Ilieva - Lunen syn (Moon dream)

Hypnotic Rage - Feel The Vibe

Yoana - HyperSonic

Azora - Instinkti (Instincts) - it's not a pop-folk song!!!

Stenli - Obseben (Obsessed)

Marius Kurkinski - Ti-ri-ri-ram

AveNew - Biagstvo(Runaway)

Stoian Mihalev & Viktor - Otkakto ti (Since you)

Neti - Lunata spi(The Moon is sleeping)


Ива Коевска said...

Hey this is a great list of songs. Most of them are also on my ever-Bulgarian-green list and sometimes I tend to go back to them and just spend some time listening. I wonder what happened to Toni and Ioana...

Daniel P. said...

Iva, I guess Toni and Ioana have given up music and I do understand them. These days it's so difficult anything out of the whole pop-folk sphere :( I hope there will be better times for Bulgarian pop music...