Monday, 26 January 2009

Chinese rap...

I am a big fan of the Chinese culture and there is no doubt that China has given a lot to the world's cultural heritage. It is home to various traditional music styles and nowadays it is the second most musically productive country in Asia, just after Japan. So far so good, but how many of you have listened to Chinese rap/hip-hop. I guess a few, as it is hard to find. Well, honestly you haven't missed a lot. I admire the beauty of the Chinese language, but I have to admit that is really not the best choice when it comes to rapping. It sounds like blabber and no matter how many songs I heard none of them actually suited the rhythm. Although I am really not into the whole rap/hip-hop scene I have listened to plenty of various performers in many languages and it is Chinese rap that draw my attention.

I guess there are some languages that are just not meant to be used for rapping among which Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese or Tagalog. Sure everyone wants to explore new music, but at what cost and what quality. I read some of the comments under videos posted in YouTube and it turns out that Chinese rap even to Chinese native speakers it may sound as pure nonsense. This is due to the correlation between intonation and meaning, but let's face it: a language in which the intonation is of such great importance for the proper convey of the main idea singing may not be the best choice, let alone rapping. Sadly I couldn't find any battles or grime, anyway here are some videos in favour of what I am saying. I do not undermine the quality of the product, the music itself is good, but it is just that Chinese and languages alike are not rap languages.

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