Sunday, 11 January 2009

My appreciation for Titiyo

"Come along with me" sang in her most famous song the Swedish singer Titiyo. And I did follow her and almost two years I first downloaded her best I am still mad about her music. Although the single "Come Along" came out almost eight years ago it still is one of the greatest songs of the 90s, being regularly played on radio and TV stations. But you know what - Titiyo has more than this. The easiest way to find out some more of her great stuff is by getting her greatest hits compilation "Best of Titiyo". I was so hooked up that I got all of her albums.

For quite a long time I thought that she was not making anymore music, but all of a sudden in 2008 she released the single "Longing for Lullabies" in a collaboration with the Swedish musician/producer Andres Kleerup, who has worked with fellow Swedish singer Robyn on the hit single "With Every Heartbeat". His work with Titiyo has produced a wonderful downtempo soft electronica song, which takes you to the spiritual world of Titiyo. That's the true magic of her music and despite not being that famous as some other soul/R'n'B divas she surely manages to stand her ground and keep up with the good work. Her newest effort "Hidden" is another excellent example of how electronic music can mix with other styles and create something beyond borders of style and commercialism.

Most of you perhaps don't know, but Titiyo comes out of a very musical family: her father being a percussionist, her half-sister is Neneh Cherry and her half-brother is Eagle Eye Cherry. Her singing career started absolutely unexpected after she has been invited by half-sister Neneh to give it a try in a recording studio. It turned out Titiyo was a diamond, yet to be discovered. Although she is mainly known with her songs "Come Along", "1989" and her collaboration with Stakka Bo called "We Vie" she has had some other hits in her home country as well as in Scandinavia and other European countries. Now being a little forgotten she is giving her best to make a move in the music business. I do hope she manages to reach the surface again.

Here you can hear her collaboration with Kleerup:

If you have forgotten her super hit "Come Along" there you go:

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