Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Recommendation Weekly: Uffie

"I am ready to fuck" is one of the most famous lyrics' lines of the 21-year old electro singer Uffie. She' s pretty much new to the scene, but already rocking it and she is yet to release an album. Her real name is Anna-Catherine Hartley and is an American-born, Hong Kong-raised and Paris-based. Her music is somehow reminiscent of M.I.A., but with more electroclash influences and her own distinctive rapping. Although born in the USA, Anna-Catherine is surely part of the European electronic scene, being signed to the French label Ed Banger Records and predominantly working with French musicians and DJs.

Uffie's entrance in the music perhaps, not like in a dream, but it all began as her combined effort with her then-boyfriend, who gave her the needed push to start a career. She's been active almost three years and despite still not having released an album, she manages to be one of the current names in the electroclash scene. You might think of her as an electro version of Hilary Duff, but with no Disney crap and with lots of profanity to come out of her little mouth. Of course, she is still far from the goddess of the sexually explicit lyrics and the I-don't-give-a-damn lifestyle Peaches, but one thing after the other.

I do hope that her debut will be like a kick in the teeth for those mainstream bitches, who just whine about her hubbies and bfs, and will show them that it is Uffie's time to pop the glock, cause she's ready to fuck.

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