Saturday, 3 January 2009

Ladytron again in Bulgaria

Today was a day like no other until I was told that Ladytron are coming to Bulgaria again! I couldn't believe so I checked their official website, which states that Mira Aroyo and company are going to be in my home country on 18th May 2009. I knew that I just can't miss them once again as it happened two years ago when they played on a party in Sunny Beach.

Unfortunately Ladytron are not coming here for a full concert. They are going to be the support act for the Depeche Mode concert in May. Perhaps, you'd say: Great two excellent groups at one time. You may be surprised but I am not into the music of Depeche Mode. I have tried them several times, but they never managed to grab my attention. Perhaps it sounds insane, but I am not looking forward to seeing them live, but if I manage to find a ticket for this concert most probably I'll stay till the end. Or at least until I can bear them *laughs*.

Hopefully, I am not going to be alone, which makes the concert bearable. The mere fact that I am going to see live in concert one of my most favourite groups ever makes the rest of no matter. Wish me luck with the ticket!

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