Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Christina Aguilera working with Goldfrapp and Ladytron

Christina Aguilera is working on her fourth studio album and it is going to be very different from anything she has released before. I really don't care what she is going to be releasing, but rumor has it that she is working with Goldfrapp and Ladytron for this forthcoming album. I remember reading some time ago an article on how electronic music was all used and dried up. I wonder how could anyone write such a pile of nonsense having in mind how much electronic music is used. Here you go, another fine example of pop collaborating with electro and bring to us all electropop. If Christina is really working with Ladytron and Goldfrapp then I guess she is about to offer something new and knowing myself what an electro slut I am I will be listening to her stuff in no time. I fear most that Christina's producers may be a major obstacle on the way to an excellent electronic album. Cheer up, Christina fans, you can have your lovey-dovey ballads, but they just have to carry an audible touch of electropop or trip-hop.

This is a probable song that may be included in Christina album and it sounds very nice. From the very first listen I could feel the presence of Alisson Goldfrapp. Two thumbs up for this effort and let's all hope that it will be some great shit.

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Ива Коевска said...

All I can say is WOW. Little Christina has chosen some great support for her new job. Particularly I'm very impressed by the Goldfrapp name. Let's hope for a great album.