Sunday, 4 January 2009

Combichrist coming to Bulgaria

This is no news, but around the excitement of the forthcoming Ladytron support for Depeche Mode I relly got into the mood for concerts. And before I go to see my lovely Mira and Helen I am going to attend another concert - of Combichrist. This Nrwegian American-based EBM/aggrotech group is among the best in the genre. I admit that they are my first contact with any music like this. Combichrist was my big entrance in the world of Electronic Body Music...and what an entrance it was.

Some time ago when I was on the Diary of Dreams gig it was made public that Andy LaPlegua and company are coming to Bulgaria. We were told that on the day of the DoD concert we are going to find out who is coming next year. I was hoping for Combichrist and there you go - dreams come true. Although I am not that excited as Ladytron still I can't wait to see them live. True, Andy and friends are not going to play in stadium in front of some 45-50 thousand people, but I'm more than sure they re going to rock my socks and will show no mercy to our brains!

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