Thursday, 15 January 2009

N.O.H.A. - Tu Café

N.O.H.A. stands for Noise Of Human Art and is an international music groups, which makes predominantly jazz-influenced world music with flavours of ambient, electronica and DnB. They are similar to such groups as De-Phazz and Koop, but with more ethno than a regular nu-jazz band would use. Their lead singer is Spanish, the rapping is provided by an American, the saxophonist is Czech and on keys a German. They managed to reach the Bulgarian audience with one of their newest songs called Tu Café, which is entirely sung in Spanish. The song is both radio-friendly and suits any club party with its catchy lyrics and dance tune. I've searched for more of them and they have some more great songs, although most of the material is not very suitable for a dance floor, more likely for a club to chill-out.

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