Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Peaches vs Peaches

Whenever I open YouTube there is a recommended videos section that I usually skip and start my search. As I was about to type a song's name I saw Peaches - Dynamit Nitroglycerin Baby, wondering if this is supposed to be something new by Peaches or perhaps a live performance I have never heard of. Unfortunately it was nothing like it. To my surprise I was redirected to an original video by a Swedish girl duo named Peaches. Poor things...what in any god's name is this supposed to be? I listened to the song at least three times trying to understand what their style is. After pondering a few minutes I decided it is supposed in the eurodance genre. The video to Dymanit Nitroglycerin Baby is horrible and honestly the chicks look like bored teenage girls with a bad make-up day. Most probably they know the Canadian electro singer Peaches, but if any of their songs have to be a tribute to her or to her carrier, but I am sure that even Peaches will be terrified when she sees this:

Unfortunately embedding of this video was forbidden by request, but after you watch it even you will forbid it. Honestly I'd even remove it from YouTube if I could. That is why artists' names should be unique!

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