Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Michael Jackson talks to Oprah Winfrey

Today at the university I had the opportunity to watch the full version of the famous interview called "Michael Jackson talks to Oprah Winfrey". Until today I just knew about this interview, but I wasn't aware of its impact and of the record it actually set.

Background history shows that this is the first official media appearance of Michael Jackson for the period 1979-1993, during which he became the King of Pop. Mostly probably you'd ask: What so much about an interview that was broadcasted almost 16 years ago, but for all these years I have liked Jackson's music, but only after this interview I got to see him as a person. If you put aside all the allegations of pedophilia, extravagant way of living and numerous rumours about all the people in his life, you can see that he became a victim of himself. Victim of that fame that many crave for, but should be aware of its consequences. Michael never really god to have a real childhood, he was always on the road, everyday recording and always tried to live up to everyone's expectations. No surprise, having in mind that he was a "golden child", who made money just with its smile. His father knew that perfectly and used it to create a whole industry carried on the shoulders of a 10-year old boy who just wanted to play with his peers.

My professor in Television analysis called this interview the best among the TRASH genre. I wouldn't agree with him, because an interview that holds the records for the most watched interview of all times and is the fourth most watched TV event in American history is everything else but not a piece of trash. Watching it 16 years after its original broadcast I can still feel the charge that it was meant to carry. Surely Michael Jackson has lost a bit of his royal presence in the music business, but no one has outnumbered him in album sales or in number one hits. No matter how much money he has made and how much he has lost none of it can compensate his wasted childhood and all the difficulties he had to face up despite being the most successful child, teenager or a grown up music celebrity.

You don't need to like Michael Jackson to listen to this interview. I am sure those of you who don't like it would be surprised to see him in a different light. Oh, and try watching the interview without prejudice and disdain. Imagine this is a regular interview with someone you know nothing about. And for those who like the talented Jackson you can either remind yourselves of this memorable moment or if you are like me just enjoyed it for the first time.

This is part one of the 90-minute interview. If you want to see more just open the uploader's profile:

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Anonymous said...

I think this interview is the most truthful and candid appearance of Michael Jackson.
It really shows the REAL Michael, not the fu*ked up creature that ppl are so used to see, the freak that the media want us so badly to see.
I think EVERYBODY should watch it before they judge him with such a cruelty and jealousy.
and PLEASE!! just forget about all the prejudice you got about him!! Prejudice is ignorance, just try to be open minded, and you'll see how much this man can give you, really, it worth it!