Friday, 9 January 2009

Review: 808s & Heartbreak - an unexpected surprise

I have never said that I like music! I always say that I like certain types of music and the rest is just stuff that I don't listen to. There are some singers and groups I know quite very well, but I don't actually like, but I am quite aware of the things they make thanks to music stations. Kanye West is among those performers that I have always put in my ignore list. The easiest explanation is that I am really not into rap or R'n'B and I tend to avoid these styles.

Some time ago I posted my appreciation on Kanye's newest single called "Love Lockdown". I have never expected to like any songs of his, but there I was listening to this song several times in a row. I decided that it's just one shot in the music I like and spent the next days listening only to this track. In YouTube there are previews of his album "808s & Heartbreak" and I listened to some more stuff. My, my, miracles do happen! People change for good! "808s & Heartbreak" is a very pleasant mixture of electro hip-hop...please, don't think of M.I.A. or Santogold, but more like of good vibrations meeting lyrical soul/hip-hop. This turns out to be an album that I don't just stand, but I can actually listen to with pleasure.

What I like most about "808s & Heartbreak" is that is sounds like a sophisticated electronic album with various stylistic influences. Although this is a 2008 release I may say that it can turn into the best albums of 2009 with such great songs as "Love Lockdown", "Heartless", "Robocop" and "Say You Will". If you still don't believe me that a hip-hop artist can release an electronically influenced album just give him a try. I am sure that you'll find at least one song to relate to.

Personal rating: 8 out of 10

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