Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Greek electro: Marsheaux

When someone tells you something about Greek music you either don't know anything about it or think of Antique, Despina Vandi or in the best case of Vangelis. Guess what - Greek music doesn't end up with their modern laïka, it actually goes even deeper and these days I discovered this criminally under-heard group called Marsheaux. Although the name of the group sounds French they are 100% Greek. Marsheaux comes from combining the duo's first names: Marianthi and Sophie.

Stylistically they are somewhere between electropop, playful synthpop and melancholic electroclash. Their music efforts resemble the sound of such groups as Client, Ladytron and Chicks on Speed, but still not leaving the listener with the impression that Marsheaux is just another copycat with no actual presence in the music business. Although they are not among the popular in the electro genre they still maintain a high level and manage to sound good without selling themselves to the teeny pop MTV commercialism and the shake-your-hips bimbo style.

As inspirations they cite Depeche Mode, Yazoo and The Human League and after a thorough listen to at least one of their albums one can be sure that Marianthi and Sophie have been good students and know their lessons pretty well. No need to worry where you can find their music. On Last.fm their debut "E-Bay Queen" is to be found with fully streamable tracks - http://www.last.fm/music/Marsheaux/E-Bay+Queen. Unfortunately their sophomore effort "Peek A Boo" is not available for a full prelisten, but if you have enjoyed their debut you can always purchase it and support this wonderful Greek group.

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