Monday, 19 January 2009

Review: Fever Ray - Fever Ray

It's out!!! Karin Drejer Andersson of The Knife released her solo album under the Fever Ray moniker and it is breathtaking. I am pretty sure that this will be one of the best electronic/alternative albums of 2009. The debut album was officially released on 18th January in Sweden and on 23rd January worldwide. After spending several years as the vocalist of the indie rock group Honey Is Cool and then becoming one half of the most successful Swedish electronic duo ever The Knife Karin Drejer Andersson offers a new portion of her world of music, which is gloomy, mysterious and constantly changing, filled with pain and desire, hope and nostalgia. "Fever Ray" carries the dark spirit of the album "Silent Shout" from The Knife, but it goes even further exploring the dark corners of the mind, the atrocities of life and the belief there is more life than this.

The album is mellow, reminiscent of the artificial sound of a forgotten era. Karin is once again using voice modulation, thus creating duets with herself. At first listen once could mistake "Fever Ray" as a new The Knife release, but after spending some more time alone with Fever Ray herself they wouldn't mistake her any longer. The album is anything but radio-friendly, I just can't imagine how tracks like "Triangle Walks" or "If I Had a Heart" could be played on most commercial stations. I do hope it's going to be received well by critics and I hope that they will not compare Karin's work in The Knife with her solo carrier, as these are two separate projects.

Tracks you should hear: "If I Had a Heart", "When I Grow Up", "Triangle Walks" and "Concrete Walls" (to be honest you have to hear the whole album)

Two thumbs up and a 10 out of 10.

First single "If I Had a Heart"

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