Thursday, 29 January 2009

Madonna to embark on a second Sticky & Sweet Tour

The impossible is possible and Madonna made the news once again. She is going on a second "edition" of her Sticky and Sweet Tour this summer. Here is the official statement on

We are happy to confirm that the rumors are true: Madonna has decided to extend her 'Sticky & Sweet' Tour. She is looking forward to an amazing summer in Europe, hitting the cities she didn't get a chance to in 2008.

While the detailed itinerary will be released later this week, we highly encourage you to wait for official on-sale dates and info before ordering tickets to rumored shows and venues.

Get ready for another hot summer.... Madonna is hitting the road again!

Yep, it's gonna be an European tour and the bitch is about to be The Queen of European Music Summer 2009. Rumor has it that she is going to have at least two dates on the Balkans: in Istanbul and Zagreb, other mention Belgrade and Bucharest, but I guess there would be at least one concert near Bulgaria. Others country that are expected to be included are Finland, Spain, Italy, France, The UK (why again? o.) and Germany (again why?). I wish this tour would include only countries that she has never visited, but sadly that would be financially impossible both for her and for her fans from countries that can't afford having her live.

Another rumor has it that Live Nation contacted Sofia Music Enterprises, but they had to turn down the offer as they couldn't pay the immense sum of 3 million euros that Madonna takes for any of her shows. If that is true I feel really sorry for us, the Bulgarian fans, who will have to embark on another journey to another country just to see her for a couple of hours.

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