Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Stuck in my mind: Alicia Keys & Jack White - Another WayTo Die

I've never really liked Alicia Keys and I am not the biggest fan of The White Stripes, but there you go: "Another Way To Die"! A very intriguing fusion of Keys' soulful voice and White's unquestionably unique rock style. I remember reading several years ago that Alicia Keys was a big fan of The White Stripes and she did want to collaborate with the duo. I just couldn't imagine how the performer of "Fallin'" is actually going to work with someone who has songs as "Seven Nation Army" or "Blue Orchid". Honestly I still don't believe it, but have to admit that the song is very nice and is something untypical for both parties. The best about "Another Way To Die" is that their voices match perfect, oh yeah they do. Probably, one of the best (not the hottest) duets of 2009 and my personal favourite to be released by Alicia Keys and some of the best works of Jack White.

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