Friday, 24 April 2009

Bulgarian horror turned into a song with Snoop Dogg

Words fail me to give the exact description for this collaboration:

I have never been into hip-hop, but from this very day on I feel sorry for Snoop Dogg. Surely he was paid a lot of money to take part in this "song", otherwise I just don't see a better explanation for this insult. My ears bled at the end of "Dime Piece" and if I want to stay sane I shall never play it on purpose. Of course, the majority of you has no idea who Lilana and Big Sha are and you are very lucky. Nevertheless, you need this "vital" information as this video may appear on TV stations near you.

Lilana is a Bulgarian wannabe singer, who has spent years trying to become someone in the Bulgarian music bizz. Her career started with the girl duo L.A., which had two moderate hits and afterwards went into oblivion. Later Lilana came back solo, but no one actually showed interest in her efforts and she went places in desperate attempts to be found and appreciated. Obviously someone has seen something in her or as rumors have it started banging her and she got a deal to record "Dime Piece".

Big Sha (previously known as Misho Shamara) is a Bulgarian rapper, who had the peak of his career at the beginning of this decade, but after the downfall of commercial Bulgarian hip-hop he ceased making music...or at least we hoped he had. A couple of years ago he came back with a new album and a new name looking for some new found glory. What he didn't had in consideration was that hip-hop was not hip anymore and house music (apart from pop-folk) was (unfortunately still is) the music that ruled the nation. Sha realized that no matter who has he worked with and what he has done in the States for the last few years, people didn't care at all.

I have no idea how come Lilana and Big Sha, two fine examples of wannabe musicians, collaborated with Snoop Dogg, who no doubt is among the biggest in his genre. Official sponsors (understand producers) for Bulgaria is Nescafé as they promote "Dime Piece" as "3 in 1: Unexpectedly good combination". Mmmm, not really...unexpected - definitely, but good - think (listen) again. Apart from Snoop Dogg, the whole song is a disaster. Are there no musicians surrounding Lilana to tell her once and for all that she just cannot sing...she's not even pretty to compensate for her talentless singing. Do you think that Big Sha is actually rapping? To me his "rapping" sounds like mumbling some mambo-jumbo, which in comparison to the techniques of Dogg sound quite pathetic.

Give your best to pay attention to the meaningless text sung by Lilana and try to figure out what is she actually whining about as I had no idea what she meant...and I am pretty sure she did as well. Of course, you may like the song, but most probably it would be just for Snoop Dogg. Tomorrow you wouldn't even remember the rest and it is advisory not to.

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