Tuesday, 21 April 2009

David Guetta with a new song

David Guetta is one of the few house Djs that I can still listen to and to be quite frank I like most of his stuff quite a lot. Not really looking forward to seeing him live, but I keep up with the material he releases. Today I came upon Guetta's NEW song, which is probably going to be included in a possible future album. "Love Takes Over" is the title of the new track and vocals are provided by Kelly Rowland (ex-Destiny's Child), who came back to business with the Freemasons remix of her song "Work". I am a bit surprised of such a collaboration, but I guess both parties could use some extra fan-base or at least more media attention. "Love Takes Over" is not utterly impressive or ground-breaking, although I am pretty sure it is going to be quite a hit in the next few months...IF Guetta/Rowland play their cards well. Plus it is always nice when artists from different music scene work together...well, it is even better when they come up with something amazing and still have to be thankful that this song is not a total disaster (at least to most of us).

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