Saturday, 4 April 2009

Discoveries: Trash Yourself

As I was browsing for new music (how regular of me!) I stumbled upon a free downloadable EP provided by Electrocute themselves at and afterwards I spent some time checking what's else available. Of course, I immediately headed to the electronic section and started pre-listening to streamable tracks and it was just then when I first heard Trash Yourself. Trash Yourself is an electronic duo, hailing from Oklahoma, USA and consisting of Heidi Cannon and John Bourke. They are currently not signed to any labels, but I am sure that soon they will be offered a contract, cause they just deserve it. Stylistically I would define them as electroclash with a pinch of new-rave.

I am posting all of their available songs...the last one is a collaboration with The Toxic Avenger and it's a cover of "Song 2" by Blur. If you like them here is a link for their free tracks at trueanthem:

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