Sunday, 19 April 2009

Moby with a new album on the way and a new video

Less than a year after the release of the album "Last Night" Moby announced a new studio release on its way. The name of the album is "Wait for Me" and it is going to be produced by his label Little Idiot. The official date as stated on is 30th June and the first single to be available is "Shot in the Back of the Head", which is available for a free download at The accompanying video is directed by the famous American film director David Lynch, thus offering quite a change to the usual Moby videos.

Here is a part of the official statement published on Moby's website:

"i have some friends/guests singing on the record. they're great singers, but unless you live in fort greene or washington heights you might not know about them, as they're relatively unknown(because i've found that working with friends is almost always nicer than working with rockstars).

i started working on the album about a year ago, and the creative impetus behind the record was hearing a david lynch speech at bafta, in the uk."

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