Monday, 20 April 2009

Recommendation Weekly: Adrian Lux

Adrian Lux is another fine example that Swedes know how to make music...even when it comes to house. I have never hidden my despise towards house music, but now it's the moment to admit that from time to time the house scene has something interesting for me as well. By some Lux has been hailed as the successor of Eric Prydz, another Swedish house DJ, and as one of the fresh names to emerge in the past few months. Honestly, I have never heard of Adrian Lux...not until yesterday when I was told about him and had the chance to watch the video to the song "Can't Sleep". I cannot say that I was extremely fascinated by the track, although I actually liked the whole concept of the video, which shows that love is boundless and anyone deserves to love and to be loved no matter what.

Enough with the is the video and if you like what you hear check out the rest of his songs.

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