Sunday, 26 April 2009

Stuck in my mind: Pain - Bye/Die

I just came back from the concert of the Swedish industrial metal project Pain, whose sole member is Peter Tägtgren, better known as the frontman of the dead metal band Hypocrisy. Anyways, the concert was just fine, although from time to time I had the feeling I was at a gig of Hypocrisy not Paint, but fans wanted both, although they couldn't possibly have them. Right now I am too exhausted for a full story of the concert, but as soon I come back to this life you'll get a full report on my newest concert experience. Right now I can just post you my most favourite song "Bye/Die", which fortunately was played at the gig...and just as expected as the closing song. Probably this is one of Pain's poppiest song and among his best known.

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