Friday, 3 April 2009

Icelandic muic - godsend or just pure perfection?

Isn't it amazing how a country with a population of about 320,000 people has given so much to music. In comparison Bulgaria has some 7,770,000 citizens and has never managed to break into the mainstream with a single singer or a group. Although the majority can think only of Björk, who has become a trademark of the country with the thousands of gazers, Iceland is home to other excellent music acts among which Sigur Rós, múm, Gus Gus, Emiliana Torrini, Amiina, The Sugarcubes (although again with Björk) and others more or less known to us. Is there something in the air or just Icelanders know how to create excellent music? Probably it is both as this mystical land of elves has some much to offer and we know so little about it...and still Icelandic music is a portal to the visions and dreams of this Nordic people, who have preserved their culture as pure as possible.

These are a few fine examples of the high quality of Icelandic music...I have omitted Björk (solo career) on purpose, because almost everyone has heard at least one of her songs. Despite the fact that Sigur Rós are the most famous band to come from the island country, I was very surprised to find out that many have never heard of them.


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