Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Review: Jenny Wilson - Hardships!

Jenny Wilson may not be the queen of the European indie scene, but she is an excellent singer-songwriter hailing from Sweden, who deserves your attention! Wilson's music is a fine example of how lyrics meet composing creating a world of memories, feelings and a future saturated with acoustic purity. Apart from her solo work Jenny became famous for her duet with her friends and fellow Swedes from The Knife "You Take My Breath Away". In 2005 she released her debut album "Love and Youth", which was overwhelmingly accepted by Scandinavian critics and her album became one of the best releases in Sweden for the same year. Four years later she is back with "Hardships!", which I dare say makes a strong request for one of the best albums in the indie genre.

"Hardships!" is not your typical singer-songwriter album to be lost and forgotten somewhere in between the releases of Tori Amos, Regina Spektor or the alikes. Wilson offers something more than an enriched with instruments and intelligent lyrics album. Every song has its very own special place and still perfectly fits the whole elegantly elaborate structure. Wilson surely doesn't posses the vocal abilities of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, but her voice is soothing, inspiring and deep. So deep that you actually hear the lyrics first and afterward you realize that there is tune...like soft poetry.

I thought that "Love and Youth" is excellent in any possible way, but I guess I just had to listen to "Hardships!". Wilson didn't disappoint me even for a single song and despite being still so underrated she didn't give up! "Hardships!" is the story for all the strength, atrocities, positivism and despair in life, the unique way they intertwine and the lows and highs we fall into.

I may write about this album for hours, but the best thing is to hear it yourself. Prepare in advance at least one hour free time, a glass of your favourite drink and imagination ready to leave this body immediately and endeavor on a journey to emotions near and far.

Songs to hear: "Like A Fading Rainbow", "Clattering Hooves", "The Path", "Only Here for the Fight" and "Porcelain Castle"

Personal rating: 9 out of 10

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