Sunday, 26 April 2009

Discoveries: Hadouken!

There is nothing better than browsing some new music and from time to time you get to find some good stuff...similar is the case with my newest discovery and love: Hadouken! The band name is spelled with an exclamation mark, which adds more genuine essence to the whole project.

Hadouken! is an electronic grindie project which hails from Leeds, UK. Until couple of day ago I had no idea what "grindie" means, but after a full check up on the band it turned to be a contraction from grime and indie, which is a direct reference to the genre crossover they create. It all began as a self-financed project of James Smith and Daniel "Pilau" Rice, who met at Leeds University. Fortunately their efforts were not in vain and very soon they were discovered by MTV2 and gained fame after the song "That Boy That Girl" became number one at the weekly NME chart.

Just a year ago Hadouken! released their first studio album, after a successful EP and a growing fan base. The album received predominantly positive reviews, which boosted the bands image. Stylistically they are situated in the new rave/indietronica niche, although they could be considered as the godfathers of grindie (it is still a subject of discussion).

Somehow they are both similar to Klaxons for their electro-rock influences and to Lady Sovereign for the grime lyrics. Of course, Hadouken! is not an entirely grime act, they vary from alternative to indie-pop, but they stay true to the electronic sound garnered with guitars.

Enough talking, time for music! Enjoy!

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