Monday, 6 April 2009

Stuck in my mind: God Is an Astronaut - Fragile

After founding Sigur Ros for my music ear I decided to check out some more post-rock acts and from the first time I hit the jackpot! God Is an Astronaut, deserve to have this name as the music they make is as ambient as the transcendental existence of the divine deep in ourselves. My words may sound a bit too exaggerated but this happens to be only the second entirely instrumental group that I have liked (Boards of Canada is the first) and the video that I am posting really hooked me up.

Apart from the excellence of the instrumental itself the video is nearly a masterpiece, despite how simple it may seem to you from first viewing. After watching it at least 2-3 times you can feel its impact and give a thought on what good to nature humans are actually and how cruel we can be towards everything, despite the pretended innocence. No wonder the name of the track is "Fragile" as we are so fragile, but still so mean to each other and as destructive as no other creature on this planet has ever been.

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