Saturday, 11 April 2009

Stuck in my mind: Joy Division - She's Lost Control

Joy Division is among the bands that I have known for years, but have never actually listened to them. I have given them a few tries, but never made it to the center of my heart...not until today. One song made it closest to the bull's eyes and given me the fuel for a further exploration of their music, which has become a cult. Of course, time will have to pass before the band really grows on, but at least a couple of tracks have won my fan support. The song that immediately drew my attention was "She's Lost Control", which is a fine example of the pure post-punk movement that later inspired the whole gothic scene. Probably many of you cannot make the connection if they haven't listened to some gothic bands, but if it wasn't for bands like Joy Division many other contemporary acts would have never seen the light (for good or worse).

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