Sunday, 24 May 2009

Steal me: Madonna vs Joanna Dark

Drawing influence from other musicians has existed for centuries, due to great inspiration or similar way of expressing through sound. But when you start copying ideas things usually mess up, especially when you don't admit "the robbing". Such is the case with the Bulgarian wannabe-singer Joanna Dark, who also is the vocalist of the house act Deep Zone Project. Dark, who happens to be lacking singing abilities, stared her solo career just a couple of months ago. However, she decided to head straight to number one with the kind help of Madonna. With the little-itzy-bitzy detail that Madonna doesn't give a damn about Joanna, nor the gazillions of wannabes, and still it's ridiculous that obviously to steal from the Queen of Pop and deny it afterward. That is pretty lame, as well as the song itself. "Enjoy"

Unfortunately I couldn't find the English version of the song, but the video is absolutely the same. The Bulgarian title is translated as "Goodbye Kiss".

If you have problems watching the video and still couldn't figure out where Joanna has copied from watch "Love Profusion" ASAP!