Friday, 15 May 2009

Classic album covers (Part V)

Definitely this is the most extensive list of albums belonging to various genres, but the leading idea this time is the music that relaxes you, that soothes the body and the soul. The included styles vary from new age, world, downtempo, through chill-out and ambient to post rock. Most of the styles are so complexly intertwined that you could hardly tell them one from another, which is the glue that keeps this collection together. Anyways, despite the lack of any visible relevance between most of the releases, do beat in mind that they are meant for the heart to sing, not for the mind to tease.

Telépopmusik - Angel Milk

Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

Sigur Rós - Von

Clannad - Banba

Enya - Watermark

Delerium - Karma

Zero 7 - Simple Things

Deep Forest - Boheme

Bonobo - Animal Magic

Boards of Canada - Music Has The Right To Children

Enigma - The Cross of Changes

Era - Era

Banco de Gaia - Big Men Cry

Loreena McKennitt - Elemental

Vangelis - Albedo 0.39

Lamb - Between Darkness and Wonder

Tricky - Blowback

Air - Moonsafari

Transglobal Underground - Yes Boss Food Corner

Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain

Emiliana Torrini - Lone In the Time of Science

Sarah Brightman - La Luna

Karunesh - Global Spirit

Morcheeba - Big Calm

Röyksopp - The Understanding