Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Review: Bif Naked - The Promise

After four years of silence Canadian rock singer Bif Naked gave a push to her career with her fifth in a row studio album "The Promise". The record is a return to her folk-rock roots and inspiring songwriting talent and poetic skills. Bif Naked once again proves as an accomplished lyricist and an excellent alt-rock singer. Although being criminally underrated she has managed to stay above surface and covet her own crown of Queen of the Canadian independent rock scene.

"The Promise" is not as promising as the title itself, but still has a few rubies hidden throughout the album. Beth Torbert has given the full freedom of her poetry, which gently flows and brings her emotions to a new level. After the tough battle with cancer Naked just couldn't let it all just pass by as it never came as a hurricane in her life and brought her to the edge of existence. The album is the promise to never give up and face problems with pride and faith in oneself.

Nevertheless, what kept "The Promise" away from commercial success is the obvious lack of memorable songs. Despite all the efforts Torbert has created more of passionate confession than an accessible record which raises empathy and understanding. After the poppier "Superbeautifulmonster" "The Promise" is a hard-pill to swallow if you are used to pop-rock ballads and fresh tunes. If you are prepared for some good alternative sound and poetic landscapes this Canadian export will suit you right. For the pop-lovers, expect Mandy Moore's newest effort.

Personal rating: 7 out of 10

Songs to hear: "Sick", "Bluejay", "Honeybee" and "King of Karma"