Monday, 4 May 2009

Review: ATB - Future Memories

André Tanneberger best known just as ATB is one of the few trance musicians I could actually stand and therefore had to check his newest release "Future Memories", which is his seventh studio album. There are two official version of the album: normal one with just one CD, and a limited edition, which includes the second disc. The second disc contains chill-out tunes, as the first one carries his typical trance sound.

"Future Memories" is definitely going to be liked by Tanneberger's die-hard fans, but for the majority it will make no difference to his previous releases. We have already heard everything, perfectly know the track-structure and don't need to bet what samples are going to be included, which makes the album rather blunt and predictable. Of course, those who like ATB's typical sound will not be disappointed, but shouldn't expect anything in addition. Again André is working with plenty of musicians, among who are Josh Gallahan, Haley Gibby, Tiff Lacey and Aruna. Despite the big variety of guest musicians "Future Memories" actually sounds quite in the past, carrying the true spirit of those summer hits back in the beginning of the decade, which brought him to fame.

"Future Memories" lacks originality as a whole and I could hardly distinguish it from ATB's previous works. I wasn't really fascinated by any of the tracks, which variate from trance through downtempo and alternative dance. As long as I am concerned trance music has lost the power and slowly and surely is going down the slope until it ceases to exist. Although Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and ATB are still high on the charts there is a visible retardation in the whole development, which brings to the surface crucial changes and the extinction of many of its sub-genres.

Anyway, getting back to the album itself I should say that it is NOT horrible or unbearable, but have in mind that not much progress is made, which may be a plus to some and a major minus to others. No doubt ATB's is going to have a few new hits out of "Future Memories" and is going to be again among the top DJs in the world, but a change should come...if he may.

Songs to hear: "What About Us", "A New Day", "Behind" and "Swept Away"

Personal rating: 5 out of 10

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Couldn't agree more with this review.