Sunday, 3 May 2009

Review: Fischerspooner - Entertainment

Electroclash is not dead or at least is still on systems awaiting the last minutes of existence! As many of the electronic children electroclash is subject to eminent "painful death" and its creators are leaving it to parish in dust. Fischerspooner being among the most prominent names in this scene have moved on offering an entirely electropop entertainment. I know, I know, it's not such a big deal...but first Ladytron, after that Peaches and know them...a funeral is on its way. However, I shouldn't be that harsh toward Fischer and Spooner, who haven't left the realms of the electronic music just show us are a new face, which is actually quite appealing.

"Entertainment" may not be the top electropop album of the year, but has plenty of good tracks, which prove once again that Fischerspooner is a criminally underestimated project. Perhaps the songs are no club anthems or dance floor breakers as they are not made to be and still have carry the atmosphere of an electro-club. To be precise the duo has never created your typical dance songs, although remixed the tracks can really squeeze the sweat out of you.

"Entertainment" may not be the most entertaining electronic album of the year, but Fischer and Spooner offer a great deal of electropop, mixed with alternative dance and indietronica. If you are not used to the singing of Casey Spooner most probably you'll find the vocals tedious and monotonous from time to time, but that as a whole is part of Fischerspooner's charm. "Entertainment" is the kind of records that the more you listen to the more you discover its quality and find ruby after ruby hidden among the track-list.

Songs to hear: "Money Can't Dance", "We Are Electric", "Infidels of the World Unite" and "Danse en France"

Personal rating: 7 out of 10

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