Thursday, 21 May 2009

Recommendation Weekly: Familjen

Familjen is the stage name of Swedish electronic musician Johan T Karlsson, who hails from Hässleholm, but now lives in Stockholm. His endeavor in the music-making started while he was living in his hometown visiting from time to time the music studio of a friend. Soon he became interested in the whole recording process and started experimenting on his own, creating short instrumental pieces.

Afterward the experiments became more complex encompassing himself with professional equipment and the desire to be a professional musician. His style is an intriguing mixture of indietronica with elements of the singer-songwriter genre with the lyrics being the main force in his music. Although Karlsson sings exclusively in Swedish this is not a real obstacle as he sounds good without even understanding a single word coming out of his mouth, which is another fine example that music recognizes no language barriers. A couple of years he has already been active in Sweden and gradually gaining fame in Scandinavia, but still awaiting for the big moment to break in Europe and beyond. Probably it will be no sooner than he starts singing in English, which to me would be spoil the whole charm in his music, but who knows. I am pretty sure more of him is on its way to our ears.