Sunday, 3 May 2009

Review: A Camp - Colonia

The Cardigans may be on hiatus, but Nina Persson knows on breaks and if you want to hear her distinctive voice and spend some quality time with alternative pop then A Camp's new album "Colonia" is just for you. A Camp started as the solo project of Persson during the 1998-2003 break-up of The Cardigans and in 2001 Persson released the album "A Camp", which received positive reviews and was praised by many music critics. I believe "Colonia" is going to be accepted by the critic with flying colors as it is a dreamy soulful and delicate interpretation of the emotional landscapes in a lifetime, which despite all the lows cherishes every single high.

These days I've been spending unusually too much time with the singer-songwriter genre and "Colonia" is another wonderful addition to my library. Persson proves once again that she is a talented singer, who knows the parameters of quality and for her it definitely has nothing to do with commercialized crap. It took her eight years to release her new solo album, but talent needs no rush nor push. Obviously A Camp is not just a fun side-project as it makes an offer for a decent place in the Swedish alternative scene and definitely "Colonia" is sign for a high-profile musician.

The stylistic intertwines, the variety of topics in the lyrics and the spectrum of feelings throughout the track-list make "Colonia" an outstanding example of the quality of the Scandinavian alternative scene. In the album you have folk, indie, alt, pop-rock and downtempo, which makes it accessible and close to more tastes. Persson has outdone herself and definitely deserves your attention and your support.

Songs to hear: "Stronger than Jesus", "The Crowining", "Golden Teeth and Silver Medals" and "Love Has Left the Room"

Personal rating: 8 out of 10

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