Saturday, 2 May 2009

Review: Alcazar - Disco Defenders

Alcazar are definitely not among my favourite pop groups, but I like several song by them and decided to give a listen to their newest album names "Disco Defenders". I wasn't expecting anything special and I actually turned out to be right. Alcazar is the kind of band you listen to for a whole summer and afterward cannot remember any of their songs. Anyways, "Disco Defenders" is nothing more than a good filler if you have some 40 minutes to lose and listen to catchy pop tunes and silly sloppy lyrics.

"Disco Defenders" is Alcazar's third studio album and it presents a new line-up with Lina Hedlund replacing Annika Kjærgaard and Magnus Carlsson leaving after just an album. Honestly I don't think this has had any impact on the quality of the material or they have introduced any audible and visible changes in their music. As a whole the new album has nothing new to have all the typical disco anthems, all the synth ballads and all the love and colors in the world you want. If you are a true Alcazar fan there is no way you would be disappointed with the brand new 12 songs. However, no hidden Easter eggs and no all-time hits to be found and still it has enough quality material for your disco night.

In Sweden the albums has produced several major hits, which is no surprise as they are probably their biggest pop group for the last decade. Honestly, I am not very impressed with the whole sound of "Disco Defenders", which is no prove to me that Alcazar have succeeded at defending the disco culture. I personally heard no potential disco hits, but I guess I have forgotten how to listen to pop music or it has really gone very blunt.

Songs to hear: "Burning", "Funkytown", "Thank You" and "Stay the Night"

Personal rating: 5 out of 10

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