Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Classic album covers (Part III)

The third edition of the Classic album covers is dedicated to black music, which ranges from rap and hip-hop to soul, funk and R&B. Although some of the included albums belong to more than one genre, they are listed here as they are still considered some of the most significant, influential and oustanding releases for the entire black music scene. Probably this is the only list to be comprised of more than 90% American music acts, which only proves that the black scene there has become a vibrant and important part of the music culture. Perhaps, the order is a bit odd, but it really includes just a few fine examples, not an extensive collection.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

2Pac - All Eyez On Me

Sade - Love Deluxe

Erykah Badu - Worldwide Underground

Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Plan

Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill

Nas - Illmatic

Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

TLC - CrazySexyCool

Earth, Wind & Fire - Spirit

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy

Prince - Purple Rain

A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders

Stevie Wonder - Hotter Than July

Salt-N-Peppa - Blacks' Magic

Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die

Gorillaz - Gorillaz