Sunday, 10 May 2009

Recommendation Weekly: Shantel

Shantel, real name Stefan Hantel, is а German producer and a DJ, best known for mixing electronic music with traditional Balkan melodies. He has an extensive work with Gypsy orchestras and plenty of Balkan musicians. Before releasing his ever first studio album Shantel he produced two compilations of his own DJ night called Bucovina Club, which won him the BBC Radio 3 Award for World music, thus bringing him to fame and gaining him critical acclaim. In 2007 came out Shantel's first studio effort named "Disko Partizani", which was less electronic and more folk orientated, exploring the sounds of the Balkans. The album was positively received and propelled his popularity in countries like Turkey, Greece and Serbia.

He'll be having a concert in Bulgaria in less than a month and I am planing to see him live and let's hope he's as good in concert as recorded. Here are his two official videos and an extra pick-up from me.