Saturday, 2 May 2009

Review: Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor

I have never had faith in the whole singer-songwriter thing, but these days I get to hear some excellent representatives of this genre and slowly, but surely my appreciation grows. A few days ago I posted a list of albums to be released in May and June. Patrick Wolf was among those listed, but honestly I had no plans to check out his new album. Not until today when I was browsing for some probable leaks and I stumbled upon "The Bachelor". Wolf is no new name to my music library, although I have never been fond of his music and I had almost no interest in him. "The Bachelor" made me realize I have ignored such a talent way too long.

Although the album is officially going to be out on 1st June you can already hear the leak version and decide for yourself whether to buy the album. If I had the money to put aside I would have immediately bought it in advance. Anyway, getting back to the album itself it is a very balanced combination between folk, electronica, alternative and indie songwriting. There is a fine structure supporting every single track and placing it in the exact spot, creating a next to perfect lyrical-instrumental combination.

"The Bachelor" was intended to be part of a double CD album called "Battle", but Wolf decided that this would overload people too much, this separating them into two albums, which will exist independently and still preserve a strong connection. "The Bachelor" explores such topics as the atrocities of life, the inadequacies of our emotional perceptions and the eternal battle between the inner being and the outer world. The album contains 13 tracks and none plays the role of a filler and all of them have their own purpose in the whole concept, which is quite a plus having in mind the loads of crap destined to be there for the count. An addition plus is the use of the voice of Tilda Swinton who appears as The Voice of Hope on the tracks "Oblivion" and "Theseus".

Songs to hear: "Vulture", "Hard Times", "Count of Casualty", "Oblivion" and "Battle"

Personal rating: 9 out of 10

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