Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Top 50 Music Scandals according to Ugo.com

Yesterday I was browsing the net and I came across a very interesting list named "Top 50 Music Scandals" and published on www.ugo.com. The list contains some of the biggest downfalls in the music business among which Michael Jackson's accusation of pedophilia, Madonna's infamous video to "Like A Prayer", Sinead O'connor tearing a photo of the pope and the mysterious death of Michael Hutchence. Of course the list is not the fullest possible, but still manages to compile some of the stories that made the headlines for hell of a time.

Here is the list, which is entirely according to Ugo.com:
1. Milli Vanilli Caught Lipsynching
2. Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction
3. TaTu Solicit Nude Teens
4. R. Kelly Sex Tape
5. Madonna's Catholic Crisis
6. Chuck Berry's Piss Party
7. Suge Knight Dangles Vanilla Ice
8. Hawthorne Heights Disses Ne-Yo
9. Elvis's Pelvis On Milton Berle
10. Whitney Houston Smokes Crack
11. Sinead O'Connor Tears Up The Pope
12. George Jones Lawnmower Ride
13. Phil Spector Accused Of Murder
14. The Beatles More Popular Than Jesus
15. Dixie Chicks Diss Bush
16. Michael Jackson Pedophile Scandal
17. Miley Curis Vanity Fair Nudes
18. Sex Pistols TV Swearfest
19. Michael Hutchence Strangling
20. Jarvis Cocker Bum Rushes The Show
21. George Michael's Bathroom Bust
22. Rick James Torture Party
23. Duran Duran Dildo
24. Ozzy Curses The Alamo
25. Dick Clark Payola
26. Britney's Bipolar Breakdown
27. Creed Singer Lured To Denny's
28. Garry Glitter Gets Busted
29. Go-Go's Groupie Abuse
30. Courtney Love Gets Wasted At Wendy's
31. Jim Morrison Arrested For Flashing
32. Jerry Lee Lewis Marries His Cousin
33. Mystikal's Bad Haircut
34. DMX Airport Hijack
35. Keith Moon Hits the Pool
36. Al Green's Grits Attack
37. Amy Winehouse
38. Fred Durst Sex Tape
39. Euronymous Murdered
40. Woodstock'99 Riots
41. Vince Neil Kills Razzle
42. Axl Rose Makes Stephanie Seymour Use The Catbox
43. Pile Opens Fire
44. Judas Priest Suicide Solution
45. Prince's Baby Deformed
46. Led Zeppelin's Fish Taco
47. Akon Gets Freaky
48. ODB cashes welfare checks on MTV
49. 2 Live Crew Banned In Florida
50. Altamont Deaths

For the full stories visit http://www.ugo.com/music/top-50-music-scandals/

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