Thursday, 12 February 2009

Concert + money = a dream come true?

Have you ever given a thought on the amount of money you could spend on a single concert? Honestly, I have thought a lot about it, but never as serious as the last two days...because it is just now that my biggest dream is coming to my home country and it is for real. Madonna is one of the most important figures in my music life and seeing her live is the best thing that could happen to me, right now. I have always been very opened about my true love of her and I've said many times that I am ready to do a lot of things in order to get a ticket for her concert. I am far from being a little Lord Fauntleroy and surely cannot afford traveling round the globe just to see someone, but when there is the chance of a lifetime when should just take the risk.

I know people who have traveled across Europe for a concert and have spent a little fortune in order to make dreams come true, but let's face it! How many of you wouldn't like to go to another country and spend some time sightseeing? I am sure there will be almost no negative answers, but just think about how much you would spend just to see the Eiffel tower or The Statue of Liberty and do nothing as a whole. The answer is simple: quite a lot! Virtually it is pretty much the same when it comes to your favourite group or singer, you could open up your pocket a little bit wider. I do not refer to this as a hobby, but more as of a way to accomplish your dream.

Money is to be spent wisely, but sometimes priorities change and you could indulge yourself into the world of music. I haven't attended that many concerts in order to say that I am a concert addict and that there is this burning feeling of emptiness if I am not present at a gig. Anyways, once you have seen live at least one of your favourite singers or groups you start to understand the whole thrill that accompany the pre-concert period, the concert itself and the emotions afterward.

I may sound very harsh and my thoughts not to follow any order, but sometimes people just shouldn't act that pretentious and judgmentally when it comes to fulfilling a dream. Unless you've been to a real concert and further comments made by you are meaningless. Period!

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