Monday, 23 February 2009

Stuck in my mind - Depeche Mode - Wrong

Depeche Mode's pilot single from their newest album "Sounds of the Universe" was presented just two day ago at the Echo Awards in Berlin, Germany and it immediately draw the attention of millions eagerly expecting DM's new album. I am may not be among those who have lost their sleep after this performance and I am not very thrilled about their upcoming studio release, but have to admit that "Wrong" has all the potential for a hit. "Wrong" has great energy and radio stations will soon pick it up for their favourite playlists. Many believe that such a good track could only be an indication for an excellent hopes are still not that high, as sometimes the best is released first and the rest is just filler. Not to be the pessimist this very moment I am posting the live performance, which buy the way sounds excellent! We are all looking forward to a mind-blowing Tour of the Universe!

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Olia said...

Баси фенката съм, чух я преди малко, а ти вече статия си написал :))) Готино е пар4ето, зарибяващо..