Thursday, 19 February 2009

Take me to the hospital! I've got my ticket for Madonna!!!

I am exhausted, my thoughts are all mixed up and all the attention today goes to only one person: Madonna! I have waited for this for more than a decade and it one of my greatest music dreams cam true: I am going to see Madonna live! You are right, it is not such a big deal, after all this is nothing more than a regular concert and still this is going to be my event of the year. This day I may forget, but the feeling of holding a ticket for my favourite singer in my hands is unforgettable! To some an experience once in a lifetime, hopefully not the same case with me. Words fail to describe the whole euphoria, people singing Madge, talking about other concerts and impatiently waiting for the doors to open. There were some fans waiting at the ticket office of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia from the previous evening and I can assure you that at 7:00 AM it was freezing cold (around -8 C), let alone att 2:00 AM (brrrr).

Anyways cold and heat are no obstacles to a real fan, although the bad weather did stop me from going any comes first, I am not sorry, Maddy! Despite the whole hysteria there were no more than 350 people waiting minutes before the sales started, but all of them had their tickets immediately. On the other hand anyone waiting for the online sales to begin or in queue at another ticket office was to the extreme of their nerves as the online system crashed down and people could not buy tickets for the next hour. No wonder thousands of people are trying to access a single server at the same time and rarely they are backed up and after three clicks you are just spitted out of the system, which has closed down for indefinite time.

For the time being the official information constantly changes, but TicketPro (the official ticket company) announced that at the end of the day only tickets from 50 euros and 55 euros were left, making this the fastest selling concert in the history of Bulgaria. Unofficial statement from the promoters Sofia Music Enterprises has it that during presales were sold 22,000 from all of the 55,000 tickets for Madonna's Sofia show narrowing down the chances of getting a decent ticket after the presale ended.

Don not ponder to much, but get yourself a ticket before it is too late! It is Sticky & Sweet time! Although I am really not into the whole Hard Candy era I just cannot miss Madonna, even if she is going to sing only crappy songs (yes, she does have shitty stuff too)!

Oh, and before I have forgotten congratulations to Serbia and Romania for being included in this tour. You all deserve it!

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