Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Review: Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons

For the last few years Combichrist have established themselves as one of the biggest names in the aggrotech/dark electro music scene and all of their albums have reached a cult status among fans. It is no wonder Andy LaPlegua has been named one of the alternative electro geniuses of the decade as he has three quite very successful projects, managing to keep them stylistically separate without conflict of ideas.

Just a month ago Combichrist released their fourth studio album names "Today We Are All Demons", a follow-up to their aggressive electro album "What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People?", which to many is their best release up to date. When you reach a certain level of quality it is always difficult to top it and perhaps "WtFISWwYP" turned out to be a real challenge. "Today We Are All Demons" may be an adequate opponent, but definitely cannot win the fight. Although it carries the original spirit of Combichrist this album has a poppier sound and at some moments it just fails to be relevant to the whole aggresive electro concept of the band. I do not mean that Andy is on his way to a crucial stylistic change, more likely he is giving some more space to experimenting.

This album, of course, is anything but radio friendly, despite being more melodic and softer than their previous two releases. I have to admit that this release is more appealing to me than "The Joy of Gunz" and to some extent it more diverse than any of their previous albums. You can be sure that it will smack you up and it's gonna burn down the clubs with some excellent tracks. There is a hidden part in track 13, but don't get your hopes too high.

"Today We Are All Demons" contains excellent tracks to be added to any electro set and despite the overwhelming comments it received it still lacks to be on the Combichrist top. Nevertheless it is a must for every fan of the group and of alternative dance music.

Songs to hear: "All Pain is Gone", "Kickstart the Fight", "Spit (Happy Pig Whore)", "Get Out of My Head"

Personal rating: 7 out of 10

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