Sunday, 22 February 2009

Bulgaria's choice for Eurovision 2009?

First of all, I should admit that I am really not very much into the whole Eurovision song contest, but as a Bulgarian myself I feel the urge to share a few words on the choice for a representative for this year's edition in Moscow. The Bulgarian National Television produced the sloppy and irrelevant reality show called "Be a star", which was to select the best song which would go straight to the finals. Well, let's say that its ratings were hitting the floor and many would qualify the show as boring and annoying even to elderly people or with words "Much ado about nothing".

After several months of selections and pure blabber Bulgaria has its newest Eurovision "star" in the face of Krasimir Avramov, who is bestowed the name "The voice". He describes his music as a fusion of pop-opera and world with a fine touch of electronica. I have not had the chance to hear much of his works, but after last evening I am not very willing to do that. I wish at this time I started praising his song "Illusion" and being proud of what we are sending to Moscow. Sadly this is not the case and positivism has failed to arrive on time for this show.

The song "Illusion" is a tasteless, blunt and even irritating example of kitsch that some try to pass as contemporary music. Style fusion may be the newest trend, but this doesn't mean that everything created under its influences is worthy. Few can have the commercial success of Sarah Brightman, who managed to establish herself as both an opera singer and as a new age/contemporary singer, and obviously Mr. Avramov is still somewhere in between. Unfortunately for him "Illusion" is anything but soothing to the ear and if I were him I'd reconsider my professional strives. His vocal abilities are doubtful and rather mediocre compared to what other contestants showed at the Final. In addition Avramov lacks any stage presence, despite his efforts to be original.

Definitely I am no expert when it comes to opera and I am not in the right to comment the vocal abilities in this music sphere...and still I am not deaf. This high-pitched operatic voice of his just did not match the whole concept of a Medieval battle and a lust crusade. Few are those who may find anything sexy in a man who sounds like someone has squeezed his dignity, especially when this is to reach millions of households. I've watched the official at least several times and still cannot figure out the idea behind it. Oh, and I wonder how it managed to pass censorship having in mind the visible frontal nudity...wasn't this video to be shown at daytime? Not that I've ever had the chance to watch it anywhere but the internet.

After Bulgaria's Eurovision Final I do doubt whether we have to participate in this year's edition. Probably nobody is going to notice our absence and I am pretty sure no one is to support "Illusion" when it comes to voting. It just doesn't deserve it and I don't fell guilty when I am saying it. It will remain the absolute mystery how this song actually received 55% of all the votes sent last evening, but let's say that with the right amount of money any dream can come true. It is another question on what price!

Live performance from the Bulgarian Eurovision Final

The official video to "Illusion"

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