Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Yes, she is pure Gold! And her name is Santogold or to be more accurate Santi White. She comes from Philadelphia and is one f the next best things to come from the States. Perhaps some of you have had too much of her this year, but she surely deserves to be among the best debuts of 2008. And if you listen to her eponymous album soon you'll realize why she's so good. Not that she's totally new and absolutely innovative, but still a combination of the styles she offers is of a high quality.

You might think of her as the American answer to the British singer M.I.A., who originally comes from Sri Lanka. There is a reason to make a comparison like that, but still the two of them are not as similar as you might think. Santi White sounds more rocky and alternative, but still fuses electronica with hip-hop and funk. Santogold manages to sound intriguing in every single song to be found in her debut. What is even better about the album is the fact that the stuff is of such excellence that it's almost a feat to chose only one song to be released as a single. If it depended on me I'd have released all of the songs as singles (honestly).

I guess I am freaking out a little bit too much about her, but she's one of the fresh things to come from the States and after Madonna's amazingly dull album "Hard Candy" Santi White comes to me as a saving boat. A boat which turned out to be a luxurious cruiser. And yes! She manages to kick some major ass and still not to live as a ridiculously fansy starlet who can hardly have time for her fans due to the gazzilion interviews she has to give.

My heart breaks every time I realize she is criminally unknown in Bulgaria. Actually I still haven't met anyone to know about her which is quite shocking. I wonder where have those people been for the last year, but obviously they need to cut the crap (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and similar annoying b*tches) and spend some quality time with some real music. If not, she'll come and show no mercy to the dance floor.

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Vess said...

Hi there, I am from Bulgaria and I have heard of Santogold and actually I'm a fan of her. Yes she is amazing and her album is devilishly good and unfortunately yes, I haven't met anyone here that have heard of her (I think). That is because people are consumed with even worse sounds than the music of the mentioned ladies and this stuff is called pop-folk. You get the idea of the way how it sounds, don't you? Anyway, I consider the most part of the people here for ignorant in their taste of music and it is a shame that the general public can't appreciate artists like Santogold and M.I.A