Monday, 29 December 2008

Discoveries: The Crüxshadows

It's been a while since I had my first contact with the American electro-gothic/futurepop group The Crüxshadows (pronounced /ˈkru:ʃædoʊz/), but honestly they didn't attract my attention. Time passed by and I started my Bulgarian Wikipedia project on writing articles about darkwave bands and I stumbled upon this group once again. As I was translating their history I found out that they've had three consecutive number one hits in the Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sale, which is more like a feat for a electro-group. And moments after I've published the article I was already getting my hands on their album DreamCypher and OH MY! It turned out to be a fine piece of music. Several songs immediately stuck in my head and I've spent some time on knowing more about their music. Despite the fact that the voice of their vocalist Rogue is far from what I like I still find this group very good. I do like the way they mix electronic music with alternative pop/synthpop, without even remotely bearing the sense of poppy crap or similar.

I still haven't heard all of their stuff, but even though I believe they will gradually grow on me and hopefully I'll even see them live. What I find just a bit annoying is the length of some of their tracks, but oh well I'll survive. Plus you never know where the best part of a song is until you've heard it from the first to the very last second.

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