Sunday, 28 December 2008

Recommendation Weekly: Helicopter Girl - Metropolitan

It was about time I posted my comment on Jackie Joyce aka Helicopter Girl. She is one of the performers that made my 2008 sound better. She is a criminally under-heard Scottish singer who has released three studio albums up to date. I have no idea why she has chosen the moniker Helicopter Girl, actually I know almost nothing about her, although she was one the best new comers to my music family. Her music is a refined trip-hop using the elements of chillout, mellow music and alternative electronica. Stylistically most people would tag her as trip-hop, but to me she can't be that easily classified and her habitat is electronic music with many influences.

What draw my attention was her third album Metropolitan, which fuses trip-hop and experimental electronica. This is one of those albums that contains so many memorable songs that one would have difficulties picking up a single. Metropolitan is so full of its own that any song to be omitted would ruin its composition, despite the fact that this is not a concept album. It centers around the modernization of a society lacking true feelings and actual interaction between people. Being thematically rich and offering various music styles Metropolitan is love at first sight. Of course, the beauty of music lies in the ear of the beholder, but still albums like this one is a rarity and deserves at least a listen from head to toe. You'd better make this "mistake" and give Jacki Joyce a try than spending a whole hour choking on meant-to-be-super-duper hits showed on MTV.

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