Saturday, 14 March 2009

Review: KMFMD - Blitz

KMFDM is one of the godfather bands of industrial music and among the most important names in the alternative electronic scene. With almost 25-year history and always being headed by Sascha Konietzko KMFDM happen to be one of the longest still existing industrial acts and March 2009 was the month to see the release of their 16th studio album named "Blitz". It marks the return of Tim Skold, one of the major driving forces in the band. "Blitz" is a fine combination between the typical KMFDM electronica with heavy dance beats and passionate industrial. The album is less rock based and more electronic orientated, but Skold has left his noticeable trace with excellent guitar riffs and mind-blowing synth waves throughout the album.

"Blitz" is a rather poppy release with a plenty of club hits. Lucia Cifarelli is again the main vocalist to the dismay of all of her anti-fan base, but I do like her contribution to the group and it is no doubt many tracks are made especially to fit her voice and presence in the whole project. Konietzko is as always trying to do his best and I dare say he has done a marvelous work with "Blitza", which carries a slight resemblance to "Tohuvabohu" and still maintains an atmosphere of its own. The album may be considered as a deepening in their electro exploration using even more electronic music than ever before and leaving the industrial rock a bit behind...that is why some may see this release as a commercial effort, rather than a change of course for the band for the time being.

"Strut" is the track that first draw my attention, because it sounds so not KMFDM...if you forget about the guitar riffs it sounds like a regular pop track,, which is quite a new...or at least a bit unexpected. Their cover of The Human League song "Being Boiled" is splendid, one of their best tracks in the whole album and still preserving the original essence of the song. "Davai" sounds like Soviet tribute to the anti-capitalism and I just love the way how fake is Sascha's Russian accent, which from time to time sounds like gibberish Polish. Anyway, the two club tracks "Bait & Switch" and "Take'em Out", which remind me of their hit "Stray Bullet".

Tracks to hear: "Bait & Switch", "Take'em Out", "Davai", "Being Boiled" and "People Of The Lie"

Personal rating: 7 out of 10

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