Thursday, 12 March 2009

New albums to expect

Ohhh, goody goody, loads of new albums are on their way to us and I am so thrilled, that is why I summed up what is coming out in the next few months.

A list of albums I am expecting:

The High End of Low - Marilyn Manson (18 May)
Blitz - KMFDM (24th March)
Sounds of the Universe - Depeche Mode (20th April)
Don't Stop - Annie (27th April)
Ciao! Tiga! - Tiga (27th April)
Next Level - Ayumi Hamasaki (25th March)
Bloc Party - Missy Elliott (TBA)
Limineux Noir - Marsheux (TBA)
I Feel Cream - Peaches (4th May)
Divided by Night - The Crystal Method (12 May)
Jigsaw - Lady Sovereign (6th April)
Abnormally Attracted to Sin - Tori Amos (19th May)
Senior - Röyksopp (TBA)
TBA - Clan of Xymox (TBA)
Red - Datarock (May)

A list of albums you might be interested in, although I am not:

Red Hot Chemistry - Red Hot Chili Peppers (TBA)
Relapse - Eminem (15 May)
Shallow Life - Lacuna Coil (21 April)
The E.N.D. - Black Eyes Peas (9th June)
Colour Me Free - Joss Stone (TBA)
Coaster - NOFX (28h April)
21st Century Breakdown - Green Day (May 2009)
Fantasies - Metric (7th April)
The Eternal - Sonic Youth (9th June)
Tadlock's Glasses - Beastie Boys (TBA)
Lotusflow3r - Prince (29th March)
Quicken the Heart - Maxïmo Park (May)
Two Suns - Bat for Lashes (6th April)


Ива Коевска said...

Congrats on the new name of the blog.

Great list of stuff to expect. I see a lot of stuff I would love to hear. Thanks for the info.

Daft Monk said...

Thanks for the info. I hadn't realized Tiga has a new album on the way.