Saturday, 7 March 2009

Gimme the money...I'll pretend to be singing!

What do you call a singer who has managed to sell more than 700 million copies of his albums and have over 30 number one hits on Billboard? How successful is someone who has sold out all of his concerts? Who has started from the very bottom and again reached it at the peak of his career? The answer to all of the questions is Michael Jackson. The King of Pop, who has set records in any possible aspects of the music business, is the finest example of how dangerous fame can be. The once innocent child singer is now nothing more than a broke Hall of Fame inductee, who is about to perform ten concerts in a row just to fill some of financial holes (which happen to be as big as Mars). Jacko, as known among fans, was crushed as an insignificant bug by the American dream itself which actually made a superstar out of him. He became a victim of himself, of his lacking childhood and unfulfilled dreams and now he is given as an example of an emotional wreck and a plastic surgery misfortune.

Eight years after Jackson's last studio release many expected him to make a memorable return to the big scene and again outnumber all the competition. To his fans dismay Jackson not only refused to comeback, but he also officially announced the end of his singing career (not like he was having any for the last 7 years). Before he quits Jackson is going to perform ten shows at 02 Arena in London, which are going to be his farewell with the music scene and his last effort to stabilize his disastrous financial state. With no remorse MJ announced that all of his concerts will be just for the profit, which means that is he didn't need the money that urgently he would have never sang again. Should this mean that none of his gigs is going to be a special tribute to his loyal fan base? All the people who supported him during the trials, which brought him to bankruptcy, and who believed in his innocence and had explanations for all of his weird acts, deserve something more than a load full of crap...yes, people should demand a proper farewell, not just a bunch of organized in the very last moment concert, which are supposed to save Jackson from poverty.

Michael Jackson knows to his best that he has an enormous fan base and it is so loyal that if he cries out in public for their support they would buy out all of the tickets only to have him satisfied. As far as I am concerned I'd buy a ticket only because this may be his last live performance and afterwards become just a legend in The Hall of Fame, but if this was not the case I would never give a single penny for such an abomination to the sacred idea of music. I may say that I am even offended by this act driven by greediness, but oh well Mikey needs the money and probably this is his last resort. I guess I should try to understand his situation, but to be honest it is a tough task...having in my mind that for the last six years his label has been issuing one best album per year only to cover his immense loses.

It is up to you to decide whether you'd go to any of his concerts, but don't forget that this is not the concert you've been waiting for so many years, but the paramount of a career which has committed suicide and now is back just for the cash. If you don't like Jackson at all this is just a warning to all of your favourite singers, who have forgotten that fame is monster with a beautiful face.

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