Monday, 9 March 2009

Review: Client - Command

Client's fourth studio album "Command" was released on 6th March and is just about to prove that Client is still one of the best synthpop bands right now. Although not being as popular or successful as their fellow British export Ladytron the chicks from Client manage to keep up with the competition and release material of high quality. With this album Sarah Blackwood and Kate Holmes are back in the game and showing how music is made. "Command" may be seen as a comeback to the roots after the poppier and less synthesizer-driven "Heartland", which by many was considered as a departure from the original Client style.

Honestly I have had high expectation for the album, especially after their previous two album "City" and "Heartland", which rocked my soul and I was hungry for more and more, and Client have managed to meet them all...or at least all of them. The very first thing that is noticeable is that "Command" contains less danceable tracks and concentrates more on the emotional impact that it is supposed to have. Most of the songs are downtempo, lyrically rich and stylistically bordering dreampop at certain extent. Taking in consideration all of their official releases "Command" is probably their least club-orientated and their most emotionally charged album up to now with such fine examples as "Make Me Believe in You" and "Blackheart".

It will need more time in order to be able to rank it among their other releases, but for the time being "Command" is, perhaps, only with a single idea better than their eponymous debut. "City" was of such great excellence that I doubt that "Command" will top it. Not that the album is not good, but it just doesn't contain enough memorable tracks and after a few listens you may stay with the impression that some songs sound alike. Sadly, "Command" has nothing significantly new to offer, but the good news is that there is nor or just a couple of irritating songs that you just want to skip while listening from top to bottom.

Tracks to hear: "Petrol", "Can You Feel?", "Ghosts" and "Satisfaction"

Personal rating: 7 out of 10

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